I am grateful to all of my patients who take the time to give feedback about their experiences with me.  I use patient reviews to constantly improve my approach to patient care and strive to achieve the best outcomes my patients expect and deserve.  Reviews are also very helpful for other patients who are looking for the right pain management physician.

Thank you for providing me with feedback at any of the sites below.


Patient Reviews

Patricia Haughton

“The Physician was the only one that helped me with my pain and discomfort after five years of pain.”

“I had great reduction in pain lasting around 6 months and I had a second treatment and I am still pain free.”

Erik Mehtala, age 49

“A few days after the procedure, I found that I had a full range of motion without any of the sharp pain I had previously experienced for many years.”

“I am now able to play baseball, basketball, football, run, bike ride, roller blade, go kayaking, and many other activities with my young son that in the past I was afraid to for fear of being in severe pain for several days.”

“The results of this procedure have greatly improved the quality of my life.”

Patient, female (anonymous)

“I like and trust the doctor. He was professional, knowledgeable, and had a competent demeanor.”

“After my treatments, my reduced pain level allowed me improved ability to do what I want to do i.e. exercise and just walk better. I also now am able to sleep and I could not before.”

Patient, female (anonymous)

“The physician was patient, listened and answered all my questions in a manner I understood clearly. He explained each procedure and was very caring.”

“My pain has been reduced greatly. I have been able to do some of the activities I couldn’t do.”

Sean Callahan

“Your staff works as a team and on the phone is helpful to my needs.”

“The physician has very good personal skills, one of the best I have been around.”

“Having nerve blocks has made my life much more manageable and ‘my’ quality of life much better.”

Patient, female (anonymous)

“After treatment, I had a total reduction of pain for about three months which was great. I could sleep at night and did not experience the amount of stress I had before.”

Francis Nenna, M.D., patient

“My epidural for neck pain was done so skillfully. I can’t tell you how grateful I was to be seen so quickly. The relief from my grade 10 pain was just about immediate. It was a godsend.”