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Our Pain Management Doctor helped this patient suffering for a decade from chronic migraines


Patient:               35 year old female
Diagnosis:         Chronic migraine headaches for 10 years
Treatment:        Botox Injections for Migraine 


Dana, one of our highly trained medical staff, had the pleasure of helping care for this patient and discusses her case in more detail here:

Dana at the fluoroscopy machineAfter ten years of chronic migraine headaches and many failed treatments and medications, a thirty five year old female patient came to see Dr. Sakai.  At the time of her initial evaluation she described her headaches as debilitating and frequent, averaging sixteen per month with some lasting as long as two days at a time while reaching a 10 in severity on a pain scale.

Triggered by lights, noise, exercise, and even the weather, the headaches took a toll on her mood, job, sleep and social life. A few weeks later, at the recommendation of Dr. Sakai she decided to undergo Botox injections at our Duxbury location. One month later, at her follow up visit she rates her current pain a 0/10 and is pleased to report she is doing much better!  Her migraine headaches have become less frequent and less intense, ranging from 1/10 – 3/10 on the pain scale. She also notes that during the recent past rainy week where she normally would have had six or seven migraine headaches, she’s only had a couple.  She is now functioning well, able to care for her family again, and overall doing great!


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