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Our SPINE physician responds to this frequently asked question from our patients: “What are my restrictions, if any, after my procedure?”


Dr. Sakai’s response:

I do restrict operating a motor vehicle for 4 hours after procedures.  This is for your safety, and for the safety of others on the road, in case of any complications, such as numbness or weakness, even if temporary.  Other than that, I generally encourage you to continue normal activities.  You certainly do not have to be on bed rest following procedures.  If you were doing strenuous activity or exercise even immediately prior to the procedure, then you can generally continue those activities so long as you do not experience pain during or immediately after the activity or exercise.  If you have not been very active for a prolonged period of time before the procedure, then I would advise against a sudden increase in the intensity of physical activity following the procedure.  In that situation, I would advise maintaining your current activity level for 2 weeks after the procedure, and if your pain improves, you may gradually increase the intensity of activity over the next few weeks or months.  These are general recommendations, but I will take into account your specific situation and condition to give you personalized recommendations.

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