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Our experienced medical staff responds to a recent patient question:

“What other types of pain do you treat besides spine related pain?”

Dana responds:

Dana procedure prepWith ABMS board certification in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as board certification in the sub specialties of Pain Medicine and Sports Medicine, Dr. Sakai has expertise in treating a wide array of pain conditions.  Although many of our patients commonly present with back or neck pain we are not limited to treating spine related issues here at the Spine and Pain Institute. We also offer treatment for Fibromyalgia, RSD, Carpal tunnel syndrome, migraine headaches, arthritic pain from the joints such as (but not limited to) knees, shoulders, hips, ankles and elbows- along with other injuries resulting from sports, motor vehicle accidents and work. Last but not least we also offer Stem cell and PRP therapy to repair and regenerate damaged cells.

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