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Our experienced medical staff responds to a recent patient question:

“Will my insurance cover the types of procedures Doctor Sakai offer?”

Dana responds:

Dana at the C-arm monitorThe majority of insurance carriers do cover the various types of minimally invasive procedures we offer for chronic pain. You may be responsible for a co-payment, co-insurance or deductible (depending on your insurance type and plan).

Although each insurer has different guidelines most require prior authorization for the treatments we offer. A prior authorization is a code or number given by your insurance carrier after they’ve determined a requested service is medically necessary.
Example 1: An Epidural Steroid Injection for Radiculopathy (sciatica) or Spinal Stenosis.
Example 2: A Facet Joint Injection for Facet Arthropathy (any degenerative changes of the facet joints, such as arthritis).

With the proper diagnosis and documentation on file, obtaining authorization is simple and quick for the most part and our staff does it for you! In the rare case of a denial of service, an appeal will be sent and we will continue to do our best to overturn the decision. If you’d like to be proactive, you can also call your insurance directly to help dispute the denial. Fortunately, Dr. Sakai is very thorough with his notes and our staff has an excellent success rate with getting most procedures approved!