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Our experienced clinical staff discusses our approach to pain management treatments:

Conservative management: First approach to Pain Management

Here are Sandy’s insights:

Sandy at the front deskConservative treatments are typically the first options we recommend for patients with chronic pain. They are non-surgical or non-invasive treatments that can treat multiple conditions including back pain, neck pain, and spinal conditions.

Along with being Board Certified in Pain Medicine and Sports Medicine, Dr. Sakai is also board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation so he has specialized training and knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and all the conservative treatments that can be utilized to help patients. Although he is highly experience in performing interventional pain procedures, Doctor Sakai is very conservative and believes in a gentle approach to pain treatment.

Currently most insurance carriers are very involved with the treatment plans and will only pre-authorize procedures if the patient has failed to respond to a combination of conservative treatments. The most common types of conservative treatments include physical therapy, occupational therapy, use of treatments modalities including TENS/hot packs/cold therapy, behavioral modification, manipulative therapy (ie: osteopathic, physical or chiropractic therapy), aerobic exercise, massage, stretching, and adjuvant pain medications (ie: NSAIDs, muscle relaxants, and nerve pain medications). So if you are experiencing either chronic or acute pain, the Spine and Pain Institute of New England is the best choice in planning and treating your pain. Call us anytime to discuss your symptoms over the phone.

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